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Accelerate weight loss through FDA approved weight loss pills, vitamin shots, and hormone optimization.

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DTLA Weight Loss Center

Urban Energy LA is known as the best weight loss clinic in Los Angeles, and we strive to provide the best weight loss programs to the people of Los Angeles everyday. Our staff is medically trained, and performs the highest level of weight loss service available in Los Angeles. If you live in Los Angeles and are searching for a weight loss center, come to Urban Energy LA today. We offer personalized weight loss treatment and one-on-one appointments.

At Urban Energy LA we have a team of medically trained professionals who are knowledgeable about weight loss and weight management. We have years of experience working with the people of Los Angeles on weight loss programs designed specifically for their unique needs. Each person is different, and each person has their own unique weight loss goals. That’s why at Urban Energy LA, we provide personalized weight management programs for your specific needs. For example, weight loss programs for men and weight loss programs for women differ because their bodies require different treatment. Our personalized and expert weight managements programs are just one of the many reasons we are known as the best weight loss clinic in Los Angeles.

We provide a variety of weight loss programs at Urban Energy LA, but one of our premiere services is medical weight loss through FDA approved weight loss pills – Phentermine. Phentermine helps people manage their weight by curbing their hunger and reducing their urge to overeat. Weight loss pills can seem scary, but that’s why we have a staff of medical professionals who are educated in medical weight loss. Weight management programs at Urban Energy LA through weight loss pills are monitored by our staff, and your weight loss plan is personalized for your goals and body type.

Another option at our weight loss clinic in Los Angeles is hormone therapy. One of the causes, specifically as we age, for weight gain can be low testosterone levels. Testosterone is a natural hormone is both men and women. Depending on age or genetics, low testosterone levels can be one of the causes of weight gain or an inability to lose weight easily. If you have any more questions about weight management at Urban Energy LA through testosterone replacement therapy, visit our hormone therapy service page.

Vitamins injections are another way we at Urban Energy LA personalize our weight management programs to our customer’s specific needs. Weight loss goals come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes people just want to be healthier. Vitamin injections are a great option for people looking to live a healthy lifestyle and have more energy. We can help you achieve those goals by boosting important vitamin levels. We have vitamin injections for vitamin B12, vitamin D, vitamin C, and more.

Here at Urban Energy LA we strive to continue to be the best weight loss clinic in Los Angeles. Our personalized weight management programs are designed to benefit your specific needs. So come to Urban Energy LA today, we look forward to working with you on your weight loss goals.

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