Vitamin Shots DTLA

Downtown Los Angeles B12 Shots & Vitamin Injections

Vitamin injections are taking over the Los Angeles area. Essential vitamins like vitamin D, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, vitamin B2, and vitamin C boost energy levels, fight and prevent sickness, and can even stimulate weight loss.

Compared to vitamin pills, vitamin injections are more direct, more efficient, and less harsh on your liver. With a vitamin injection, you’ll start seeing results in a few hours. You’ll feel more energetic, and ready to tackle the busy lifestyle of Los Angeles.

That’s why people are coming to Urban Energy LA, for the best vitamin injections in Los Angeles. You can read about each vitamin injection offered at Urban Energy LA below. Come in for a vitamin injection today!


Energy – Vitamin B12 Shot

Vitamin B12 injections are the most effective method of treating B12 deficiency. In addition to boosting energy levels, B12 injections are credited with improving mood, fighting depression as well as supporting your heart, brain, hair, skin, and nail health. B12 injections are available in Downtown Los Angeles at Urban Energy LA.


Vitamin B-Complex Shot

A B-Complex injection is a combination of essential B vitamins necessary for a healthy lifestyle. B-Complex injections include vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin B12. Vitamin B-Complex injections are a great source of energy and an excellent complement to weight loss programs.


Cold Buster – Vitamin C Shot

Vitamin C injections treat vitamin C deficiency and are essential in preventing and fight illness. When you start to feel under the weather, a vitamin C injection can help you get back on your feet fast. Stop colds in their tracks with vitamin C injections at Urban Energy LA.


Sunshine – Vitamin D Shot

Vitamin D injections are an essential part of maintaining healthy bones and a healthy immune system. If you are fighting Vitamin D deficiency, a vitamin D injection is your first step to start feeling stronger again.


Skinny Mic Shot

Mic injections, or lipotropic injections, are beneficial supplements for weight loss. Lipotropic injections speed up your metabolism to promote weight loss over time. Additionally, mic injections include vitamin B12 to boost energy levels.