Testosterone Replacement

What are the Symptoms of Low Testosterone?

Low testosterone can affect both men and woman. Testosterone promotes lean muscle mass and strength. Testosterone plays a vital role in staying healthy, strong, and flexible.

As we age we lose our bodies natural production of testosterone. You may notice mental changes, such as depression, fatigue or lack of interest in hobbies, going out, sports, and more.

Low testosterone can also lead to a loss of interest in sex in both men and women. Low testosterone is linked to decreased sexual libido, difficulties with performance, and erection difficulties. Women at times begin to feel asexual. Replacing testosterone improves energy, stamina during daily activities, and promotes an overall feeling of wellness. Most importantly it helps prevent and or improves symptoms of metabolic syndrome which is abdominal obesity, increased glucose levels that cause diabetes and increased cholesterol levels.

If you have diabetes, optimizing your testosterone levels can significantly improve your blood glucose levels and lower your Hemoglobin A1c. The goal with both men and woman is to optimize testosterone levels to levels they naturally were at ages of approximately the age of 25 years old. Women take about 10% of the dose of a man.