Testosterone Replacement for Women

How Does Testosterone affect Women?

Testosterone in men and woman has been studied in medicine for years. Testosterone is the key hormone for lean, defined muscle for woman, particularly after age 40 or if one has undergone a total hysterectomy including ovary removal. Many folk do not know that up until age 40 woman produce three times the amount of testosterone as they do estrogen.

Testosterone production abruptly ends at bout the age of 40 with most woman,  resulting in rapid aging. We do not lose hormones such as testosterone because we age, we age because we lose our testosterone. Symptoms will include fatigue, loss of muscle tone, decreased sexual libido and interest. Skin and collagen begin to lose their hydration and firmness and unfortunately this is when skin begins to sag and lose its youthful look and fullness.

During this time, estrogen levels increase in woman bodies which leads to belly and back fat development and thinning of leg muscle development, giving the round-top skinny leg appearance. Without testosterone the youthful look of a slim waste will disappear. While the aesthetic effects of low testosterone is important, low testosterone also results in the increased risk of higher cortisol levels (stress hormones) and metabolic syndrome.

Proper amounts of testosterone maintains youth as well as physical ability and increased overall life satisfaction. If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms a simple blood test can determine your hormone levels. We use these laboratory tests as well as your symptoms in determining an effective replacement dose that restore the hormone level back to the range you had when you were in your 20’s. Testosterone replacement therapy has shown to be safe and restorative.