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At Urban Energy DTLA , we give you the tools to break the damn rules, to enjoy the journey, make it up as you go, expand your mind, challenge your body, drink the wine, embarrass your children and move with vitality into your happy place.

We all want to live long enough to create the life we want. At Urban Energy we promote your unique strengths with holistic approach to combat illness, disease, depression, loss of sex drive, loss of sexual stimulation and orgasm or just the hum drum that happens when we stop growing, laughing and wanting more.

Aging can be fun, vital and full of contribution. At Urban Energy, we promote natural and medical weight loss as well as the Holy Grail of anti aging medicine - hormone optimization. Our staff offers aesthetics and life coaching services. Come in and see us!

Walk-In Clinic

Urban Energy offers minute clinic services starting at a $60 cash visit, no insurance. Get prompt care and see the doctor right away. Treatment for headaches, irritation in the eyes, ears, nose and mouth, menstrual cramps, flu, back pain, stomach pain or whatever your ailment might be.

Medical Spa

The perfect body is not about size, shape, proportion or society's standards. The perfect body is healthy, connected to a well-adjusted mind and sound spirit.

We offer aesthetic services including botox, filler, PRP facials, and more.


Fight aging at its core with testosterone replacement therapy. As we age our hormone levels drop, affecting our libido, metabolism and energy.

Regain your energy, increase your sex drive, and feel like your best self!

Weight Loss

Get started with medically assisted weight loss plans or non-medical programs.

Stop weight gain and build lean muscles mass with FDA approved appetite suppressants, hormone optimization, as well as personal coaching and counseling.

Vitamin Shots

Vitamin shots are an effective way to increase absorption of key nutrients and treat vitamin deficiencies.

Vitamin injections can help increase energy, speed up weight loss, and promote overall health and happiness.

Meet The Team

Dorian Reed

Co-Founder, Associate Medical Director

Dorian Reed's mission is to provide all his clients with educational tools, access to innovative medical technology and personalized attention at inclusive prices.

He believes that wellness is an essential ingredient in leading a passionate life full of vitality and vigor. Knowledge, products, and procedures must be offered to everyone at a price point that is sustainable and geared for long term success.

Dorian helped found Urban Energy out of the idea that every person deserves access to live their best life. Come meet us and let us join your health and wellness journey.

Tonia Usher

Co-Founder, Life Coach

Age: None of your business
Favorite Food: Fogo de Chao with red wine on the side
Super Hero Ability: Time travel. Take me back to the Renaissance.
Dream Vacation Destination: Greece or Bali 
George Clooney or Eminem: Eminem easy 
Circus or Magic Show: Circus without the animals 
Feared Animal: Rat tail but just the tail 
Favorite Indulgence: Watching Old English films about the aristocracy
Bucket List Item: Learn to Burlesque dance and produce a variety stage show. One week only 

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